In as much as our range sits in the middle of forested property with heavy undergrowth, it is imperative that ALL persons using the range be aware of and practice fire safety.  The fire of August 9, 2018 that ravaged a portion of our range started by unknown causes.  Cal Fire speculates it was the result of a shooting event.  In any case, we all must be aware of any factor that may develop into an uncontrolled fire on range property.

  1. If at any time a fire appears, immediately dial 9-1-1 and report the incident and location. 

  2. There are three water filled fire extinguishers that have been place on each of the ranges beginning in Spring.  They are simple to use.   Make yourselves familiar with them. 

  3. When shooters have finished for the day they are to walk the firing lanes used and check for and be aware of ANY sign smoke or burning undergrowth. 

  4. All should make themselves thoroughly familiar with the Range Rules, most especially Rule #1.  A violation of any Range Rule that puts the range and/or its members in jeopardy will be subject to immediate expulsion and/or loss of membership. 

  5. If you smoke, it is your responsibility to make sure your smoking material is completely extinguished and placed in a fire proof container. 

So, if a fire does break out A-C-T, Don’t Panic!!


This is your range!  Protect it!


Burney, Fall River MIlls, Hat Creek CA

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